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For a limited time, I will be conducting small group readings. These groups will be limited to less than 30 people and will be held in the Davie/ Weston, FL area during the summer. 
Please note that there is no guarantee that everyone attending will get a reading or that you will connect with any specific individual.
If you would like to get emails about future group readings, please click below and send me your information.

Small Group Reading


   August 12th, 7:00 PM


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Even as a young girl, I knew that I had a very special gift.  I

was able to see things in the future, as well as communicate with those who passed.  Over the years I shared my gift with friends and family.  For the past five years I have been reading professionally.  As a mother of three beautiful and gifted girls, I try to schedule my readings around my family life. 


I passionately feel my job is two-fold.  It's to help others to connect to their loved ones and to also empower people to follow their own spiritual journey.


My happiness comes from seeing how much my readings help those who have lost someone.  The beautiful "thank you" letters and Email's I get, fill my heart with joy.  I'm always asked, "What can we do for you in return?"  I tell them, "When you leave my reading, live your life knowing that your loved ones are with you all the time, watching over you and giving you signs that they are there; if you can do that, then that's the biggest gift you can give to me." 



People contact me for different reasons.  Some are driven by grief and the need to know that their loved ones in the Spirit World are safe and happy.  Others want to tell their loved ones how much they miss them and want to feel close to them again.  Some have questions regarding things left unanswered by the passing of their loved one, especially if the passing was sudden.


IT IS POSSIBLE to communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world. I connect to your loved ones and relay their thoughts, messages and feelings to you.  I can ease the pain of your grief, help you find comfort, peace, and understanding.  You will see that the bond of love makes life after death a possibility.  It is my goal to open your mind, body and spirit to a new frontier of spiritual understanding

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